The crop insurance program has become the backbone of many Northeast farms’ risk management plans. Weather fluctuation and market volatility are major risks for crop producers. Crop insurance helps to manage this risk by providing protection against damage caused by weather, disease, insects or wildlife.

Learn more about the benefits these producers have realized from a sound risk management plan that includes crop insurance.
  • Chaffee Farms LLC

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    "We had the peace of mind that we weren't going to be left with no income. We had the insurance income to back us up." - Dudley Chaffee, owner of a 1,200-cow dairy in Barker, NY
  • Collins Knoll Farm, LLC

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  • Hilltop Cattle Farms

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    "Hilltop Farm is very fortunate to have Crop Growers as our committed representative." - Charles Tommell
  • Northrop and Sons LLC

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    “Of all the insurances that I buy, crop insurance is a good buy that has paid me more than I have paid in. It helps me sleep at night, because if all goes bad, I have something to fall back on. As long as I grow crops, I will take advantage of crop insurance to protect my investment,” - Mike Northup, owner of a busy dairy in Rodman, N.Y., with about 500 acres growing corn and alfalfa
  • Smolak Farms LLC

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    "There's been some really tough years for the apple crop, so crop insurance has served a really good purpose and provided supplements in years where we really needed it." – Michael Smolak, of North Andover, Mass., manager of a robust operation complete with a farm stand, 300-member CSA and various pick-your-own offerings, from berries and apples to pumpkins and Christmas trees.