Chaffee Farms LLC

Dudley Chaffee
Barker, N.Y.

Dudley Chaffee is the owner of Chaffee Farms LLC, a 1,200 cow dairy in Barker, N.Y. The farm operates 3,000 acres, which includes 1,800 acres of corn and 1,200 acres alfalfa.

Dudley began using crop insurance from Crop Growers LLP about eight years ago. He said his business has benefitted from the risk management program for about half of those years due to weather-related events, and two of those years that support was critical.

“We’ve really benefited from the prevented planting option,” said Dudley. “Especially this past spring when it rained throughout the planting season. We at least had the peace of mind that we weren’t going to be left with no income. We had the insurance income to back us up.”