Early Fruit Growth Weather Advisory

The current early fruit development has created a risk for potential crop damage. The National Weather Service has issued a frost advisory for Tuesday morning and later this week.

In an effort to assist producers in understanding program details, Crop Growers has provided information below to ensure that producers are informed about the notice of loss procedures. Two key points: Communication and record-keeping.

Notice of Loss/Damage Summary:

· Insured’s are required to contact their insurance agent within 72 hours of discovery, if a loss is anticipated on any unit.

· It is recommended that producers document the date, time and person that they speak with when submitting their notice of loss.

· Information to provide agent with notice of loss to assist adjuster.

-- Point of Contact (Example: farm manager's name)

-- Best Phone Number (Example: cell phone)

-- Crop Status (Example: Will not continue to care for some acreage)

· Once a notice of loss/damage has been submitted, the insured can expect to be contacted by a claims adjuster within 48 hours.

-- The 48 hour timeframe may be extended due to the number of claims submitted in a short period of time.

· The adjuster will discuss the event and potential extent of damage.

-- When frost is the event, the extent of damage is not typically known until after June drop.

· The adjuster and insured will agree to a communication/farm visit schedule that will meet the needs of the insured and claim process.

-- Producers are required to continue to care for the crop until released from the acreage by the assigned adjuster.

· The adjuster will explain record-keeping requirements.

Additional Information:

· Claims exceeding $100,000 will require a review of the insured’s production records for the previous 3 years.

· Estimated timeframe for claims to be finalized is mid-November.

· The critical temperatures from pink to bloom are 10% kill at 28 degrees and 90% kill at 25 degrees. (Information provided by Cornell Cooperative Extension)


Please contact your local agent or myself with any questions.


Roger Murray