LGM-Dairy Sales Closing period closed early

The October 28, 2011 sales closing period for LGM-Dairy was closed early due to RMA experiencing some unexpected systems problems. Regrettably, the problems could not be resolved prior to the end of the sales closing for October. Normally the sales closing would begin around 4:30 PM EST on the last business Friday of the month and end at 9 PM the following day. Crop Grower’s staff stayed “on the job” until 11:30 PM EST waiting for the systems to come online and were able to get 4 policies keyed in a small 15 minute window before they were shut down. Sr. Vice President, Roger Murray stated, “Hats off to all our staff that put in extra effort to meet our customer’s requests for this policy. Affected applicants will be receiving a phone call from their agent letting them know the outcome and to begin planning for the next sales closing for LGM-Dairy which will be in November.”