2016 Acreage reports are due now!

The deadline to report 2016 Northeast spring crop acreage is July 15, 2016.  Farmers should file their acreage report with their crop insurance agent as soon as they are done planting their spring crops.  The report should include all timely and late planted acreage, prevented planting and uninsurable acreage.  Insurable spring crops include field and vegetable crops such as corn, soybeans, barley, oats, fresh market sweet corn, cabbage, processing beans, processing sweet corn, dry beans, green peas, fresh market beans, tomatoes, tobacco and potatoes.

Please Note:

  • All planted acreage should be reported by CLU(Farm Number, Tract Number, Field Number)

  • Not sending in your acreage report:

    • Will result in a zero acreage report with no crop insurance coverage.

    • May trigger an RMA Spot check.

      • If it is found during a spot check that you do have planted acreage you will be charged the premium on that acreage but will have no insurance coverage.

Please contact your agent ASAP if you have any questions regarding your acreage report.