Crop Insurance Makes a $130 Million Difference for Northeast Farmers in 2016

As the largest provider of crop insurance in the Northeast, Crop Growers, LLP, is committed to serving the region’s producers with risk management tools. In agriculture there are a number of uncontrollable variables, from weather conditions, to insects and disease, along with fluctuating market prices and feed costs. Crop insurance helps producers better manage these risks.

“With more than $1.2 billion of protection in force covering 2.6 million acres throughout the Northeast, producers have made sound risk management decisions to protect their livelihood from weather related events,” said Jeremy Forrett, Farm Credit East/Crop Growers, LLP vice president. “These producers understand the risks associated with agriculture and have made business decisions to be able to rebound quicker after unexpected events.”

In 2016, much of the Northeast dealt with a severe spring freeze that resulted in crop damage to early fruit development. This was followed by an extremely dry summer, resulting in drought conditions that reduced yields and quality for many crops. These types of extreme weather conditions will present great challenges to any producer.

Crop insurance agents worked with farmers through the difficult 2016 growing season. Insurance providers brought in additional claim adjusters to support the heavy volume of claims, and the Risk Management Agency Administrator, Brandon Willis, made farm visits to view freeze and drought-damaged crops. Additionally, the Secretary of Agriculture declared 113 Northeast counties as disaster areas.

At the close of the 2016 season, 4,876 claims, totaling $130,116,652, were paid to producers throughout the nine state region Crop Growers serves: Connecticut, $2.2 million; Massachusetts, $2.99 million; Maine, $2.8 million; New Hampshire, $1.1 million; New Jersey, $3.6 million; New York, $62.4 million; Pennsylvania, $53.4 million; Rhode Island, $226,952; and Vermont, $880,890.

Crop Growers, LLP, is an independent agency that sells and services crop insurance for 34 different crops through a nine state territory. Crop Growers is owned by Farm Credit East, in conjunction with other Northeast Farm Credit Associations. Producers do not need to be a Farm Credit customer to purchase crop insurance. Contact the Crop Growers Customer Service Center at 1-800-234-7012 to learn more.