Dairy Markets: 2020 and Beyond

CORTLAND, N.Y. — COVID-19’s global impact on foodservice markets has caused dramatic price swings in dairy markets. To help producers prepare for the year ahead, Crop Growers LLP, Farm Credit East, Yankee Farm Credit, and AgChoice Farm Credit hosted two webinars to analyze 2020’s impact on dairy markets, look at current and future dairy markets, and discuss risk management strategies.

Dairy producers of all sizes as well as the service providers who support them were invited to join one of these early December webinars. Both webinars covered similar information and were free to attend. Click here to view a recording of the presentation.

Dr. Marin Bozic of the University of Minnesota along with Farm Credit East business consultant Gregg McConnell and AgChoice Farm Credit business consultant Mike Hosterman presented these webinars. Each session began with a discussion of the post-election market impact, the year ahead and decision support tools to assist dairy producers. Following, Farm Credit business consultants shared insights to prepare for the new year. The sessions concluded with questions and answers.

Click here to view a recording of the presentation.