Crop Growers Affirms Focus on the Northeast Dairy Industry

Crop Growers, LLP, a leading crop and livestock insurance provider for Northeast agriculture, is pleased to announce the addition of two team members to support the region’s livestock coverage needs. K.C. Slade has accepted a new role as a Livestock Insurance Specialist covering Central and Western New York, and Megan Clancy joined the Crop Growers team as a Livestock Insurance Specialist to work with dairy farmers in eastern New York and New England.

“We’re fired up to put our dairy producers in the best risk management situation possible,” says Slade whose passion for the industry started early, growing up on a New York dairy. He’s worked in the dairy industry throughout his career, both on the farm and as a crop insurance agent.

“Today’s dairy business is complex, and the number of options to manage financial risk can be overwhelming,” adds Clancy. “We’re here to help farmers make the right choices for their farm.” Megan brings five years of experience working in milk marketing and analysis, most recently as a Fluid Milk Marketing Manager with Dairy Farmers of America (DFA).

Together, Clancy and Slade aim to strengthen Crop Grower’s focus and support for dairy producers. Working with local Crop Growers agents, they provide national expertise and insight. The Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) Analyzer is one of the tools they use to help producers elect the right coverage option.

Slade explains, “Our DRP Analyzer tool breaks down current market prices with dairy futures and historical price performance. Along with a farm’s actual milk check production history, the tool generates data-driven predictive modeling scenarios to help the producer make the right decision on what to protect and how to protect it. The tool allows us to look at the big picture for each farm utilizing real-time data to help take the guess work out of critical risk management decisions for our producers.”

If you are interested in developing a risk management solution and would like more information, please contact K.C. Slade and Megan Clancy at Livestock@CropGrowers.com. Learn more about Crop Growers, LLP by visiting CropGrowers.com.


Portrait of Megan Clancy    Megan Clancy

Portrait of KC Slade  K.C. Slade